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How to Disable the Recurring Schedule to Schedule Temporary Content

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In situations where you need to send new/temporary content to players that are using Recurring Schedules, you will need to disable the Recurring Schedule. The steps below will walk through disabling the Recurring Schedule, scheduling new content, and Re-enabling the Recurring Schedule.


1) When you are ready to schedule your new content, click on each player from the Players page.

2) Click on the ‘Recurring Schedule’ tab:

3) Depending on when and how long you need to play your new content, click on each schedule and uncheck the ‘Enable’ checkbox for each day.

4) Now you can schedule your new content by clicking on the ‘Schedule’ icon from the Home page. See: Scheduling Content To Your Players for step by step guide:

5) Select the Layout or Playlist you need to schedule.

6) Select the player(s) you need content play on.

7) Select ‘Schedule Now’ or ‘Select date/time’ to schedule for a future date and time.

8) When your new content schedule is done playing, you will need to back to each player and enable the Recurring Schedule again by checking the boxes for the days that you unchecked previously:

9) Click ‘Save’ the schedule. The player(s) will update with the content that should be playing and will follow the schedule you set up in the Recurring Schedule.