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Using Versioning to Edit Layout Drafts

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Versioning can be activated to allow you to edit draft versions of your layouts and then publish the layout when you are done making changes. 
Please note that version needs to be turned on by an EngagePHD representative. 


1) From the Home page, click on Layouts.
2) Click on the Designer icon for the layout you would like to edit: 

3) A prompt will provide a choice to edit the live version, in which case you would select 'Continue', otherwise select 'Edit Draft'​:

4) A second prompt will confirm that you will need to "Publish" your draft when you are ready to send changes to the Player:

​5) When you are ready to publish changes, click on the 'Publish' icon in the top left corner of the toolbar: 

6) This will take you to the layout Properties. Click 'Save' to complete the action.