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How To Create and Modify a Recurring Schedule

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A Recurring Schedule is ideal for when dayparting is needed for layouts (menu boards would be a good example). 

Before creating a Recurring Schedule to automate your theme changes, be sure that you have added a theme to each layout you will be scheduling, and ensure that each layout has been added to the Layouts tab. 


1) Click on 'Players' from the Home page and select the player you would like to set up or modify your Recurring Schedule.


2) Click on the 'Layouts' tab to confirm that the themed layouts have been added.


3) Click on the 'Recurring Schedule' tab to view/modify existing schedules, or click 'Create New' to set up a new schedule.


4) Select the 'Theme' to schedule. If the schedule needs to recurring on certain days of the week, check the box for those days.

The schedule can be changed any time. Be sure to click 'Save' to save your changes.