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Player Hardware Security/Threat Prevention

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How can I secure/prevent threats against my Player Hardware?


EngagePHD is supported across a wide variety of hardware platforms.  Unless your 'Player' is used for touchscreen interactive applications, the devices are at minimal risk since they are configured for one sole purpose and no-one will be using them to browse the Internet etc... and unnecessarily expose the device to threats.  However Ping HD is not responsible for supporting/providing patch updates and antivirus solutions on your hardware, but we do recommend you consider threat mitigation.

Below we list the different hardware/operating system versions supported and our recommendations to minimize/prevent risk from cyber threats:

Microsoft Windows

Android (Generic)
Android (Cenique/Inreality C610)
LG webOS

        - Platform security
                * Sandboxing – jailer
                * MD5/AES decryption API

        - Network security
                * HTTPS (TLS v1.2)
                * SSC (self-signed certificate)
                * proxy and exception domain
                * port control

Samsung SSP (Tizen)

For information about network security, please review Network Requirements / Firewall Configuration

For information about EngagePHD web application security, please review EngagePHD Application Website Security