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How I Upload Or Download Products From The Product Database

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Importing Products (Spreadsheet)

Products can be imported and/or mass updated by clicking on the “Upload or Download Products” tab. 

You can download a blank spreadsheet template by checking the box labeled "Blank file as template‟ and then clicking the button. Once downloaded, simply add the products you wish to upload into the product database.

You can also download a spreadsheet of your product library once all products have been added and you need to make changes to multiple products at once. Be sure to check the boxes for 'Include Date Range' if you need to modify the date ranges, or 'Nutritional' if you need to change calories or other nutritional information:


Once you have finished editing the spreadsheet, you can save it as a regular XLS/XLSX file (no need for a CSV file). To update your product database simply drag the file into the Upload box or click the area to below which will open your Windows Explorer window to locate the file.

Once the file(s) have been uploaded you will see verification that the process has been completed: