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Scrolling Custom Ticker (Network Global)

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This widget allows you to add a scrolling ticker to your network and define the text that you want to scroll. You can configure this with a standard character or a PNG/JPG image. 




1) Once you have added the widget to your Asset Library, open the layout and click on the Add Widget icon on the control panel.

2) This widget allow you to add the same widget to multiple layouts but will need to be edited from the Asset Library. From the Asset Library, click on the Global Customer Scrolling Ticker and add the messages you need to each message box:

3) Each message box needs a certain number of characters to scroll continuously – if your messages are short, try adding them to the same message box rather than separating them.

4) Adjust the Style as needed. Adjust the height and width as needed.

5) The Deimiter can be any symbol you’d like to separate the messages. By default, the separator is active. If you would like no separator, this can be left blank.

6) A logo can be used from the Asset Library by adding the asset ID. To locate the asset ID, open the Asset Library in a new tab, click on the asset you would like to use and copy the ID.

7) Adjust the speed as needed.

8) Click Save when done. You can then navigate away from the page.