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Widgets: 3rd Party Fade In-Out RSS Ticker (non Scrolling)

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This widget allows you to add a 3rd Party RSS feed to your Layout and will fade in and out between each item. 



1) Once you have added the widget to your Asset Library, open the layout and click on the Add Widget icon on the control panel.

2) Click on the properties icon to open the widget properties. 

3) Edit the style you would like for the text font.

4) Adjust the width as needed. Adjust the height as needed.

5) Adjust the timing in between each message.

6) The RSS feed will pull ESPN as the default example.

5) You can find RSS feeds online. Please see links below for examples for other RSS feed sources;

Fox News:
Associated Press:
BBC News:

6) The ShowFeedImage allows you to turn the feed logo on or off by adding True or False.

7) Click Save when done and adjust the width of the zone to show the full width.