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Digital Menu Boards: A Step-By-Step Guide

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The basic anatomy of a digital menu board consists of: 


Step 1 - Creating a basic background: 

A background is created in design software like Photoshop or PowerPoint and is saved as an image file (JPEG, PNG). The background can also be a full motion video file created in software like After Effects and saved as a MP4 video file. 

Step 2 - Adding Products

Product Data is added to the 'Product Library' through an excel spreadsheet template or POS API integration. 


Step 3 - Creating A New Layout

Step 4 - Adding the Background to the Layout 


Step 5 - Adding Product Table

The Layout Designer also allows you to add other elements to your design like 'Widgets' (scrolling text, weather; etc.), 'Playlists' and more. 

Step 6 - Adding Plain Text

Step 7 - Scheduling Your Menu Layout