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Installing Teamviewer Remote Access Software for Windows Players

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When installing Teamviewer remote access software, it’s important that Teamviewer Version 9 is installed. Please download the installation file from the link below and save the file to USB thumb drive:




1) Plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to the player along with the USB containing the Teamviewer installation file.

2) Copy the installation file to the player Desktop or Documents folder.

3) Double-click on the file to start the installation process.


4) Select  Installation to access the computer remotely (unattended) and Company / Commercial use:

5) Once installation is complete a window will pop up showing information for Teamviewer. This Window can be closed by clicking the Close option:

6) The Setup unattended access wizard will appear. Click Cancel to close this window:


7) From the two main windows, locate the Allow Remote Control on the left window.

Please make note of the ID and Password for your representative to complete the installation remotely: