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Light Sensor for Lift and Learn (LG webOS)

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Below are steps for Light Sensor and Barcode setup on LG webOS smart displays.

Recommend hardware for Lift and Learn Light and Barcode Scanner: 

Lift and Learn Light

​We recommend the ​Yocto Light V3


Barcode Scanner

​We recommend the ​Orbit 7120 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner, but you can also use barcode that operate same as keyboard operation (HID device) .


1) On the Player Record, you will see two Flags for Light Sensor (LG) and Light Value (LG) . Check the box for 'Light Sensor' and add the needed value.

2) You then need to build the Layout to show whatever content will be running on the screens that is default, i.e. when no one is interacting. 

3) Next, you will need to configure each of your two Layouts (one for Light Sensor and one for Barcode Scanner) with the content that you want to show.  To do this, you have to add a zone and drop in a transparent PNG file.

3a) When you are in the Light Sensor Layout, add an Image Zone and upload your PNG file. We recommend a transparent file that is 100x100 pixels in size.  You can place it anywhere on your Layout.   Then right click on this what is essentially and invisible image and type the word Light in the URL field and then click the 'Edit Popup' button.


Make sure you type Light as highlighted above and define the time out period, so in the example above, this will Time Out after 10 seconds.  Then click ‘Next’. You will see what looks like a blank Layout. Here just add the content you want to show when the Light Sensor is triggered and then make sure you click the 'Cancel Popups' button as highlighted below.