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Impression Reports

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Impression Reports give you a history of asset playback. This can be done as a full report, or on a a asset by asset basis. You can also sort the report on a player by player basis. 
Please note: Impression Reporting must be turned on by an EngagePHD representative to start pulling reports. Please reach out to to request that Impression Reports are turned on for your network. 


1) From the Home page, click on 'Reports' at the top of the page:

2) From the Type drop-down menu, select 'Impression'.
3) Select a date range.
4) Select an asset from the 'Media' field, or leave this blank to run a report on all assets.
5) Select a Player if you would like to see the report specific to playback on a certain player, otherwise leave this blank. 
6) Click 'Run Report' to show results in your browser. The 'Excel' button will download the report to your computer as an Excel file.